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Trying to Get Others Interested in Trading

I became interested in bitcoin trading a few months ago, and asked my friends about it. None of them really knew much about bitcoin, or even had any interest in it. Since they were no help, it was up to me to learn how to trade. I figured out on my own how to trade bitcoin with Bitcoin Evolution. The useful little app lets me do all of my buying and selling in one place, and it's so easy that a child could probably do it. Although, if that child is anything like my friends, it probably wouldn't have any interest in bitcoin anyway.

After doing a bit of trading and making some money, I told my friends about how great bitcoin trading was, and they still didn't care. They were too busy looking at stock markets and oil futures to put any kind of attention to bitcoin. They could have done both, but they just didn't care. The more I tried to convince them to try bitcoin trading, the less they cared, so I stopped trying and left them to their interests.

Last week, one of my friends brought up bitcoin trading, and I was shocked. He had finally taken an interest in it, even though he had already missed out on a lot of money making opportunities. I told him about the app that I used to trade and he installed it on his phone and bought some bitcoin. After that, he kept looking at his phone repeatedly to see if the price of bitcoin would go up. He paid attention to the app more than I did. I told my friend that he could set the app to automatically trade when the price of bitcoin reaches a certain amount, but he said that he would rather watch it himself.

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